This week the front pipe (first part of exhaust/auspuff) rusted through and I require a replacement.

Now I've been to the local garage and they sourced me a new part from their pats supplier which looks like this (see pic):

But this pipe is listed for the Kia Mentor

According to cats.direct I should be using this front pipe but I did not have the small extra pipe :

Now, the part that my Japanese-spec 121 has looks very similar to this one for a Kia Pride? Yes like the Mazda 121 DA?!?! See pic in link:

The strange thing is that the Mazda 121 DA front pipe (not shown at that site) is different to the Kia Pride.

I looked at the Mazda Demio front pipe in the local breakers yard and it appears to be very similar to the style of the Kia Pride and my 121.

Does anybody know if there are different types of front pipes fitted the German or European-Spec Mazda 121db's?

Thanks in advance